15 Apr 2013

Spring (Blog)

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Hello friends,

I’m back from a little Easter break from blogging, recharged and ready to take on Spring which is teasing us…a little sunshine and warmth, then cloud, then sun…who knows! Either way it is nice to have the lighter days and watch the lime green new shoots appear on the trees. It is my favourite time of year as I see nature unfold around me from her winter’s rest. It feels like she is having a little stretch, a yawn and gradually allows the leaves and flowers unfurl, as if by magic, until everywhere shines with a luminous glow. This bright new green colour fills my heart with a sense of hope and makes me want to rejoice, sing, dance and be free. In the Chakra system, green is the colour of the heart and Easter time is the symbol of ultimate unconditional love. No wonder we are revitalised at this time of year.

This is, therefore, a very creative time. The moon is waxing, so we are gaining momentum towards the celebration at full moon. It is a time for clearing, de-cluttering, making space for that creative force to find its home. In ancient times, Spring was a time when babies were born after the long winter months of gestation, although we still have the lambing season during March/April. Nature, however, reminds us of giving birth but perhaps for us it is a birth of our spirit.


Walk in Nature as often as possible and breathe in the fresh air, whether you are pregnant or not. If you live in a city, try and find a park or take some trips to the countryside, or observe the changing seasons of the ocean. Set your spirit free to connect with nature.

Sit quietly, tune into the current Season of Spring. What is the weather like? Is it warm or cold? Can you see any flowers, green shoots or anything particular?

Choose your materials that feel appropriate. Imagine a scene in nature, or just the season in general and make an image in any material. See what it reveals to you.

Once you have finished, you may wish to ask yourself some questions:

Is there anything about the scene or the colours which have a significance and why?
What is the mood of the picture?
Are there any people in it and if so who do they represent?
What do the colours you chose represent?
If you have drawn/painted a tree, does it have leaves, is it bare, does it have roots that go into the earth or is it floating in the air?

You may wish to jot down notes in your journal on anything that comes to mind.
There is no right or wrong way, just information.

Have an enjoyable week.

Warm wishes,
Alex xx


Spring Spiral
Painting by
Alex Florschutz

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