13 May 2013

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Welcome dear friends to my next blog and I trust you have had a good couple of weeks. Last Monday was a Bank Holiday and I spent it with my family having a nice pub lunch and lounging in the garden – yes the sun was actually out!

This weekend I took part in an art exhibition at a local Arts Festival which celebrated the creative spirit in all its wonderful, diverse forms, from music, dance, and performance to art, photography, film and food!

I thought I would share with you my experience I had yesterday while I ‘womaned’ (as opposed to manned) my exhibit. My art work has taken me on a journey to rediscover the Source of a woman’s power, the feminine spirit, which thrived in the more female oriented cultures, only to be superseded by the patriarchal way of life. I have been pondering over how we, as women, can retain the true nature of our gender while navigating our still masculine driven world. My images intend to capture this passionate feminine spirit and act as a kind of talisman, a beacon of potential that will remind us of our brilliance.

One way I do this is through the Divine Source© series which represents the symbol of the feminine spirit and where I think a woman holds her natural power. The anatomical genitalia is only the external expression of a complex internal system of pleasure, reproduction and for the creation of new life.

Over the course of the day, I was once again struck by the way my art lured people to it and spoke to them on a deeply intuitive level which prompted some very inspiring conversations. It is like the Feminine is calling us to awaken our true potential and celebrate this somewhat dormant part of ourselves. Over the last century, I think women have been invited to develop their more masculine sides, in order to become self sufficient and stand as equals in the world. This is great and totally needed but I feel that we are still simulating the masculine model and living in their camp rather than defining our own empowered existence from the Feminine perspective which needs to stand whole and complete next to the masculine. Similarly, men are being invited to develop the more feminine side of their being and by this I mean things like intuition, sensitivity, emotions etc while redefining the new masculine. It is time for men and women to stand side by side as equals and yet comfortable in our difference with a balance of masculine and feminine energy. (This can apply to any form of sexuality as it is about feeling authentic and true to our selves). Many men are also captivated by my art but I think it is not so much my art than the message it emanates. By embracing the masculine part of ourselves, I believe it will lead us back to a more authentic, balanced experience of the Feminine.

By celebrating our creative spirit, we can reconnect with our Feminine power. Through the act of being creative, it can offer relaxation and a much needed time out from our busy schedules.

Suggested Exercise

It is all about paint! Find whatever paint you have or buy some cheap poster paints in a variety of colours, some paint brushes (one larger and one smaller brush are fine), white paper (thicker the better but it doesn’t matter… you can even use rolls of wallpaper). The aim is not to be too precious about it. Find an old plate and a jam jar or any kind of cup/container you can put some water in for brush cleaning and some kitchen towel for dabbing your brush.

Take some time to centre yourself by sitting comfortably and take a few deep breaths. This is your time to be creative.

Just be aware of thoughts like: I’m not good at art, I can’t draw, my pictures look like a kid has done it, I don’t have time, and try not to think of making a finished ‘product’ (such as, I have to make a picture that I can put on my wall or show to people).

Roll your sleeves up (oh and wear some old clothes if possible… just in case!).

Ask yourself: How am I feeling now? What do I need to express?

Begin my making some marks on the paper, however you like and develop it from there. Perhaps you are drawn to a particular colour in which case you can revel in that colour. You may have an image that springs to mind that you can paint in whatever way you like. Or you can squirt paint straight from the bottle onto the paper and smear it or paint it with your fingers and hands. Everything you do is RIGHT!

When you have finished, ask yourself how you are feeling now and if anything has changed. What is the picture communicating to you? Listen to your inner voice. It may also come to you over time.

I hope you enjoy yourself!

Until next week…

Love Alex xx

My Art website is: www.florschutz.com

Passionate Feminine

Celebrating the Feminine Spirit
Painting by
Alex Florschutz

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